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Pollinators: Little Helpers, Big Results


There has been a lot of buzz around the importance of bees and their decline in population.  This important news is just the tip of the iceberg.  There is much more to learn about the world of pollinators!  A wide variety of animals and insects, from bats to birds to bees to butterflies, help plants reproduce, and create fruit, nuts, and seeds.  

In this exhibit, learn about the diversity of pollinators and how all contribute to our own quality of life by helping to provide good food, gorgeous surroundings, medicines -- even clothing! Who knew a little insect or bat could do all that!

Pollinators are on the decline, but YOU can help!  Learn about the conservation success of the lesser long-nosed bat and the international teamwork that saved this bat from extinction.  Then, explore other species and how they can be saved.

With gorgeous pictures, amazing facts, and fun activities, you’ll never experience a walk (or a bite!) the same way again!

Exhibit Panels:

This traveling exhibit is available in two sizes and is made up of four panels: Pollinators: Little Helpers, Big Results (8ft. by 5ft. or 5ft. by 3ft.), Pollinators Are All Around Us (5ft. by 5ft. or 3ft. by 3ft.), What Is Killing The Pollinators ( 5ft. by 5ft. or 3ft. by 3ft.), and You Can Help Pollinators (5ft. by 5ft. or 3ft. by 3ft.). Please note that the smaller size exhibit is for wall hanging only and does not include stands.



Reference Material and Instructions:

Enhance the experience of the traveling exhibit when you use our Educators Guide!  The supplemental materials by The Paly Foundation, as well as external resources, make you an instant expert on the subject matter and keep you in-the-know.

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