Host museum-quality traveling exhibits – for free!

Welcome to The Paly Foundation! Our science-based, nature-conservation themed exhibits and Educators Guides are loaned out free, excluding shipping, to museums, libraries, zoos, aquariums and other qualified organizations. These museum-quality exhibits are shipped with stands and hardware for either floor display or for hanging from walls or ceilings. They offer a unique educational experience for students K-12 and beyond.

Five Easy Steps!

  1. Select an exhibit.
  2. Select a hosting period.
  3. Provide your Information.
  4. Receive confirmation.
  5. Prepare the exhibit location.

Our exhibits come efficiently packed and include the following:

  • Large, but lightweight and sturdy vinyl panels displaying beautiful graphics and engaging content.
  • Stands and hardware for either floor display or for hanging the panels from walls or ceilings.
  • An Educators Guide with ideas for presenting the exhibit to different age groups, additional activities, games, and exercises for a deeper dive into the subject.
  • Clear instructions for unpacking, setup and re-packing/shipping.

Appropriate ages – Exhibits are designed for school grades K-12 and beyond. Children in lower grades may need assistance with some vocabulary and comprehension of the presented science.

Educators will love the high-quality, science-based exhibit content, and useful Educators Guide.
Great exhibit. Panels are colorful, visually attractive, and present accurate, easy-to-read info.
Students will be captured by the high-resolution imagery and engage with learning topics in a meaningful way.


The Paly Foundation focuses on educational efforts that highlight the importance of conserving and protecting diverse natural habitats and wildlife populations.