Here is more information on how YOU can save the elephants!


Lawrence Anthony

Join in!

  • Write your elected officials (you can even use our sample letter) and ask them to make elephant conservation a priority. Find your elected official here:
  • Send a "Thank you" note to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and thank them for helping to protect elephants!
  • Hey! Did someone write back to you? Congratulations! Take a pic and SHARE IT using #PalyNatureHero


  • Did you know that ivory is already in the United States and might still enter our markets if it’s intentionally mislabeled? 
  • Do you already own some ivory? What do I do?

Yes, Your Money Does Save Elephants

  • Donate to  Lawrence Anthony’s The Earth Organization.
  • Other worthy organizations are explained in this article
  • When buying groceries and other products, look for the FairTrade logo or search here to find Fair Trade products and companies.

Help Captive Elephants 

The Paly Foundation focuses on educational efforts that highlight the importance of conserving and protecting diverse natural habitats and wildlife populations.